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Alex Friedman

L A N D S C A P E   D E S I G N E R

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alex Friedman remembers the joy he felt as a child getting "lost" in the landscape, whether it was playing in his family's large yard, smelling the aroma of a Heritage pepper tree or helping his mother lovingly tend to her garden.

He has recognized from an early age just how much the environment has a direct affect on one's emotions, health and spirit.


After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA, Alex began his career managing a law firm for a number of years before relocating to Australia. Upon his return, he decided to follow his dream and continue his education in landscape architecture. Just as lawyers build winning cases by assembling one carefully constructed legal argument after another, Alex sees similarities in landscape design: creating one design, one structure, one drawing at a time to develop something beautiful and impactful.


Alex enjoys designing both residential and large-scale landscape projects and has a hand in CAD drafting, designing layouts and presentation boards, overseeing site visits and working with vendors—all essential building blocks laying the foundation to make every client's vision a reality and have a positive, powerful impact on their life and well-being.


  • B.A., Psychology, UCLA

  • Certificate in Landscape Architecture, UCLA (in process)



  • Horticulture

  • Masonry

  • Backpacking

Personal Statement

"How do you put into words the feeling you get from the warmth of the sun or the scent of lingering jasmine in the air? Our environment helps us and heals us. It inspires us."

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