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Syrus Novak

L A N D S C A P E   D E S I G N E R

A native of Colombia, Syrus Novak's childhood and young adult years were influenced by the success of his mother's landscape architecture firm. As a college student, he had a hand in its continued growth while working part-time in the business, learning every aspect of the business from design work to administrative tasks to marketing.


Although he was always deeply connected to the creative arts and planned a career in music production, another type of artistry—landscape architecture—became a new calling after he relocated to Los Angeles and was drawn into the city's vibrant fashion, design and architecture scene.


After an internship experience with Hoffman & Ospina, Syrus joined the firm's West Hollywood office as a landscape designer. Today he can be found blending artistic elements together to create outdoor spaces that make a "wow" statement and inspire conversation.


He enjoys being part of a collaborative, creative team of landscape architecture professionals that are dedicated to continual learning to finely hone their craft.


  • Music Production, SAE Institute, Bogotá, Colombia



  • Design & architecture

  • Music

  • Creative arts

Personal Statement

"I love blending the arts together. Color...patterns... How do you communicate to someone through these elements?"

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